Yuasa np24 12i datasheets360

Yuasa datasheets

Yuasa np24 12i datasheets360

Some products have a free 24- 48hour delivery service. Eurobat Classification 12i 3 to 5 Years Terminal Type M5, Capacity 24Ah, Brand Yuasa, Dimensions 166 x 175 x 125mm, Operating Temperature Range - datasheets360 20 → + 60° yuasa C, Construction AGM, Weight 9kg Nominal Voltage 12V Can be datasheets360 used to replace Ultramax NP26- 12 Yucel Y24- 12I, yuasa Power- Sonic PS12240 PS12260. The Yuasa Genesis AGM technology is np24 used np24 in 12i backup Telecom, , UPS high rate applications. แบตเตอรี ่ แห้ งยั วซ่ np24 า yuasa YUASA SLA Battery และ Ni- Cd Yuasa. Yuasa NP24- 12i 12I for use with Emergency Lighting, Medical, 12v 24Ah Sealed Lead- Acid Rechargeable Battery, Security, yuasa General Electronics Uninterruptible Power Supply. The 12i high quality battery ensures that no electrolyte leakages occurs from the case or terminals. Yuasa General purpose VRLA battery EUROBAT Classification: 3 to 5 years ' Standard Commercial' Lead Calcium Grids for superior life Absorbed Glass Mat construction with no free acid Gas recombination Manufactured world wide Good recovery from deep discharge. Yuasa np24 12i datasheets360. datasheets360 Yuasa NP17- 12I 17Ah 12V Batteries.
Delivery can be upgraded during checkout. Yuasa Standard NP Range. The Yuasa NP series of battery set the standard datasheets360 for datasheets360 quality and excellence in the field of 12i rechargeable lead acid batteries. BatteryPlex is np24 your np24 source for all of your Yuasa Genesis Yuasa NP, NPH NPX & RE series batteries. 12i yuasa Yuasa NP17- 12I Batteries 17Ah 12Vdc yuasa NP series sealed lead acid datasheets360 ( SLA) maintenance free with a 5 design life DC standby np24 power, suitable for use within uninterruptible power supplies . Yuasa SLA Battery. 2Ah, NP24- 12I 12V 24. MOQ= minimum order quantity.

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Yuasa NPAh batteries for use with UPS systems, supplied from EcoPowerSupplies, a leading UK power protection company. Yuasa NP24- 12i VRLA Battery. 12V 24Ah rechargeable, valve regulated lead acid battery. Yuasa NP65- 12I - 12V 65Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery.

yuasa np24 12i datasheets360

The Yuasa NP range of batteries are possibly the most recognised small sealed lead acid battery range on the market today. The NP65- 12I is a compact, low maintenance design and perfect for smaller applications that require a reliable backup power source.